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Visiting Hawaii in June: Everything You Need to Know

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Updated: April 1, 2024

June marks the start of the summer vacation season, and many travelers make plans to visit Hawaii. The best time to visit Hawaii depends on your vacation needs. However, visiting Hawaii in June, often called the peak season, offers some of the best weather and experiences that summer tourists could want.

In this article, we’ve compiled all the information you need to prepare to visit Hawaii in June. Read on to discover what the U.S.’s famous big island chain has to offer.

Overview of Hawaii Weather in June

The Hawaiian islands offer mild-to-warm temperatures all year round, with most of the big island chain only having two seasons: “summer” months from May to October and “winter” months from October to April.

Because the ocean surrounds the islands, with the closest continental landmass being more than 2,000 miles away, ocean temperatures create a “seasonal lag.” The warmest average temperatures occur in August and September, making early June weather pleasantly warm without being overbearing.

Average rainfall over the ocean around Hawaii falls between 25 and 30 inches annually. However, where the rainfall is heaviest depends on elevation. This difference in precipitation is mainly due to mountain rains that form in moist trade winds as they travel from the ocean over the highest points in the terrain.

Hurricane season in Hawaii occurs between June and November, but the early weeks of June see fewer tropical storms and less wet weather than other times of the year.

With more daylight hours in the earlier weeks of June, you can enjoy warmer daytime temperatures without worrying about the high temperatures that come during late September. However, remember you may encounter slightly cooler temperatures if you travel to higher elevations.

A Detailed Look at Weather in Hawaii in June

If you’re looking for long days in the sun exploring the land and learning about Hawaiian traditions, June is the best time to visit Hawaii. The early summer months see longer daylight hours, allowing you to maximize your time on a Hawaiian vacation.

Visiting Hawaii in June allows vacationers to enjoy the perfect blend of warm island weather and conditions suited for all kinds of summer fun.

Average Daytime Temperatures

Depending on where you travel, temperatures fall between 82°F to 85°F and rarely fall under 70°F.

Ocean Temperatures

The ocean around the Hawaiian islands is fantastic for ocean sports and swimming. If you go scuba diving, you may require a wetsuit to help with the cooler temperatures deeper in the waters. Ask your Hawaii guide or scuba instructor what’s best for your dive.

Cost of a June Vacation in Hawaii

Another reason we recommend traveling to Hawaii in early summer is that hotel rates, even those in luxury hotels, are usually lower. Vacation season typically peaks around the 4th of July, when accommodation costs rise with the influx of vacationers.

The cost of domestic flights varies. It’s harder to determine how much airline tickets will cost, so it’s best to research during trip planning to see when travel costs are the lowest. However, like hotel rates for Hawaii hotels, you may find the best deals on airline tickets for an early June vacation.

Unlike hotel rates, the cost of car rentals is usually a little pricey no matter what time of year you travel. Renters have to pay to rent the car as well as daily insurance and gasoline.

Is Hawaii Crowded in June?

It may become more crowded in Hawaii in the last two weeks of June when more kids are out of school and families travel together. However, the first week of June is usually less crowded, and June is far from Hawaii’s busiest month for tourism.

Even if you want to wait until the latter half of June to travel with your children, you’ll likely see fewer crowds than you would if you were visiting Hawaii at some other times during the year.

Fun Activities to Try When You Visit Hawaii

If you’re hoping to experience some big-time celebrations on your trip to Hawaii, June is a fantastic time to visit. Travelers can witness Hawaiian culture by participating in several exciting events, including:

  • King Kamehameha Day: On June 11th, natives of the Big Island chain celebrate this holiday with a food festival, multiple ceremonies, and parades.
  • The King Kamehameha Lei Draping Ceremony: This famous event takes place on the south shore in downtown Honolulu. Participants watch as those leading the ceremony adorn the 18-foot-tall bronze statue of King Kamehameha with a massive traditional lei.
  • Hawaii Adaptive Surfing Championships: This event takes place at Waikiki Beach, where over 100 disabled surfers from all over the world compete in a surfing championship. It’s a stunning display of community and athleticism.

On Hawaii Island

On the Big Island in the chain from which the Hawaiian Islands get their name, you have a wide variety of outdoor activities to explore during the night and daylight hours of your stay.

From the south to the north shore, you’ll find opportunities to surf, snorkel, and participate in other ocean sports in the warm waters of Hawaii Island. Likewise, the Big Island holds many festivals during the summer that travelers can enjoy, such as The Great Waikoloa Food, Wine, and Music Festival. This festival features some of Hawaii’s most extraordinary culinary talents. Visitors enjoy delicious food with fine wines from all over the globe, a live concert, and even a fireworks display!

On Maui, there’s The Annual Maui Film Festival. At the Wailea Resort, movie lovers gather for screenings of recently aired movies and tune in for discussions about the process of movie-making.

And on Kaua’i, there’s The Soto Zen Bon Festival. Held at the Soto Zen Temple, this unique festival honors the culture and community of Japanese-Americans in Hawaii. Visitors can enjoy the over 500 beautifully decorated lanterns adorning the temple, dancing, music, and delicious food.

Water Activities in June Weather

With longer daylight hours keeping the water warm in June, experiencing the ocean around Hawaii is a must.

The Kohala Coast boasts beautiful beaches, including Hapuna Beach State Park. This stretch of crystalline, golden sand meets with stunningly clear blue waters, offering a gorgeous visual to accompany the soothing sound of the waves crashing on the shore.

You can find pavilions to enjoy a peaceful picnic by the water or take a romantic stroll on the beach when the sand has cooled down in the late evening.

Beyond swimming and sunbathing, you can also find more adventurous activities on the islands. Learn to snorkel or bodysurf in the small waves at Wailea or Kailua Beach, or take a scenic boat ride and experience the view of the islands offshore.

Other Notable Adventures

Among the activities available for those visiting Hawaii, seeing an active volcano takes the cake for the most thrilling. At Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, you can explore beautiful scenic trails and witness the bubbling red lava flow as it rolls down the mountainside.

Park rangers will lead you and offer interesting geographical information along the way, allowing you to — safely — experience a volcano in all its glory. While it’s fun learning to surf and exploring the crystal blue waters, watching the fiery lava is an experience you will never forget.

Wildlife to See When You Visit Hawaii

Alongside volcanoes and other geographical sights to see on your stay, you can also see a variety of animal life in Hawaii’s warm waters and tropical landscape.

Over 400 species of coastal and reef fish call Hawaii waters their home. Visitors can take boat tours to get a closer look at these beautiful creatures and maybe even see the larger marine life that dwells in Hawaii’s waters, such as sharks, whales, and dolphins.

While some coral reef locations become overwhelmed with travelers, you can always visit Hawaii’s Marine Life Conservation Districts to witness marine animals and coral fish in their natural habitat.

Marine Life Conservation Districts (MLCDs) offer protected areas for aquatic life to grow and reproduce, allowing visitors to see these majestic creatures while maintaining a safe ecosystem for the fish within them. Three popular Marine Life Conservation Districts you can visit are:

Hanauma Bay

Hanauma Bay Marine Life Conservation District is the perfect location for families with young children to see marine life and snorkel in a safe environment. Lifeguards always remain present, and the waters in the bay usually stay relatively calm.

The shallow reef just offshore is home to an abundance of fish and aquatic life. Local guides recommend snorkeling early in the day when visibility is best.

A larger coral reef exists in the outer bay, but local guides recommend only exploring this area if you are an experienced diver, as the depths drop more than 70 feet deep in some spots.


One of the larger Marine Life Conservation Districts, Pūpūkea is home to the Pūpūkea and Waimea Bay Beach Parks. The waters in this area usually become a bit more treacherous in the winter, making June the perfect time to visit while the waves are calm.

Pūpūkea includes three main sections:

  • Waimea Bay: The bay is fantastic surfing and swimming location for visitors looking to enjoy the water.
  • Three Tables Cove: Named for the three flat portions of reef that become visible during low tide, this cove is perfect for snorkeling.
  • Shark’s Cove: Despite the name, sharks don’t typically frequent Shark’s Cove. The shallow and calm waters here create excellent conditions for snorkeling and diving.


Located near the Waikīkī Aquarium, this Marine Life Conservation District is home to an abundance of fish and a long, flat reef. Around the reef, snorkels and divers can expect to find various natural arches, crevices, and other exciting features of the underwater terrain.

The reef’s outer edge drops off to depths ranging from 15 to 20 feet, so you should proceed with caution if you are an inexperienced diver.

Is June a Good Time to Visit Hawaii?

Given the year-round paradise that is Hawaii, it makes the perfect vacation destination no matter when you’re able to visit. However, June is an excellent time to go to avoid the busier, more crowded parts of the vacation season.

Longer daylight hours allow you more time to enjoy activities in the sun with less rainfall than the rest of the year. The first weeks of June offer the ideal conditions for a summer vacation.

Swim, surf, hike, or take a boat tour to explore the vast natural beauty of the islands with friends and family. Whether you seek the thrills of exploring the depths and hiking along a volcano or the quiet respite travelers can find along the shore, Hawaii is a fantastic vacation destination.

Ultimately, the best time to travel to Hawaii depends on your schedule and what you hope to experience on your trip.

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